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By Marc Warr 02 Sep, 2016
Leaf clearance in Hertfordshire can be an unwanted timely task especially if you live in Welwyn Garden City where there are plenty of trees blowing in the wind this autumn causing leafs to drop from the trees into your front and rear gardens.

Often residents are unhappy about all the leafs blowing into there front garden from trees on the roadside verges causing untidy garden and dangerous paths.

Many gardens have trees in them and often trees at the back of the property dropping leafs into your boundaries which often land on the lawn which can then lead to the grass being starved of light which causes it to become diseased.

Autumn leafs cause problems with ponds and swimming pool filters which can damage vital parts to become damaged as well as looking unsightly. Handyman WGC can help remove leafs from ponds and pools to help keep them in good condition.

Handyman WGC also undertakes other landscaping tasks.

Are the Autumn leafs causing you a problem?

In the autumn and winter months its very easy for leafs to build up which then creates a health and safety issue contributing towards a slip, trip or fall resulting in a personal injury that could easily have been avoided by contacting Handyman WGC.

Commercial leaf clearing is also undertaken by Handyman WGC. Clearing leafs from a commercial or private premises where other people are visiting could be the best protection from someone making a personal injury claim against your business for failing to create a tidy hazard free premises.
Handyman WGC has a valid waste carriers licence so you can rest assured your waste leafs can be taken away with no issues of fly tipping ever coming back to haunt you but instead be happy in the knowledge that you leaf collection will be recycled as green waste at an authorised facility.

Contact Handyman WGC for a free quote to remove leafs from your property or commercial premises.

Handyman WGC is fully insured.

Snow clearance in Welwyn Garden City will also be considered in the winter months.

By Marc Warr 21 Jun, 2016
If your trying to find a registered waste carrier in Hertfordshire then look no further because you have now come to the right place at our Handyman WGC website to ensure your rubbish clearance will be disposed of in the correct way in line with the law.

Check out Handyman WGC's valid environment agency licence which permits our handyman service in Welwyn Garden City to work as a registered waste carrier to remove your unwanted rubbish operating  in and around the Hertfordshire areas.

Here is proof for your own piece of mind at the environment agency website that Handyman WGC is a legitimate waste carrier in Hertfordshire -  https://environment.data.gov.uk/public-register/api/search?name-number-search=handyman+wgc

Handyman WGC gives a reliable, professional, courteous and friendly service and has valid public liability insurance up to 2 million pound should anything unusual happen.

Do not be caught out by hiring a cheap rubbish removal business without checking for a valid waste carriers licence, otherwise you may find your rubbish fly tipped down a local lane disrupting access for farmers and the general public and evidence found by local environment officers linking the rubbish back to your premises.

If your rubbish is fly tipped you are also liable and could be fined a large amount of money with criminal record which could result in a prison sentence being issued.
Handyman WGC can help you clear rubbish waste from your property correctly so there is no comeback regarding your waste disposal service undertaken.

Remove your rubbish fast and efficiently with Handyman WGC!

Moving belongings from a house can be a stressful time especially if there are a lot of bulky items that just will not fit in the car and require a large van for the removal of household items.

There are various reasons for people using our services, like if your moving home and need a house clearance service in Hertfordshire because you are unable to take your belongings with you or perhaps your downsizing your home clearing out old clutter to remove and dispose of furniture and rubbish which is not in a saleable condition. 

In the unfortunate circumstances of dealing with a deceased estate it can seem like a daunting task at an already difficult time, Handyman WGC can help take some pressure off when you require a home clearance offering some careful and considerate compassion towards the removal of furniture items, old clothes etc.

Handyman WGC can accommodate big and small jobs from an entire household clearance to just wanting to clear one room out in the home or remove valuables.

No need to worry about recycling because items in good condition are passed on where available through selling sites, charity shops and any other identifiable means to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Failure to pass goods on to be recycled get another chance at the waste disposal sites where items are sorted further into recyclable materials again reducing rubbish sent to landfill to help create a better environment for the future.

The loft is a typical dumping ground in the average house where old clutter that is not used any more but your to sentimental to throw the stuff away in the bin then consequently gets stored for a few years with no use. Do not be a victim of this hoarding behaviour and call us today to come and clear your loft out and remember rubbish out of the loft gives a good chance for a clear mind.

If your thinking of clearing out the shed once and for all after looking at the old items to be disposed of then its a good time to make use of our shed clearance service to gain a clear shed for the summer.

Perhaps you would like to remove rubbish or unwanted items from the garage to make way for the car or to build a garage conversion to create an office or playroom, whatever the reason our local garage clearance services in Hertfordshire will be the perfect solution to empty your garage of junk and unwanted clutter.

Our Local Rubbish Removal Service Operates
Welwyn Garden City
Welham Green
Potters Bar
Goffs Oak
Epping Green
Newgate Street
Hemel Hempstead
St Albans
Ayot Green
Old Welwyn
Watton At Stone
Woolmer Green
Harmer Green

And many more areas in Herts and surrounding areas that are not listed, just call our Handyman business to discuss your requirements.

"Did you know that hiring Handyman WGC to take care of your domestic or commercial rubbish clearance often works out cheaper than hiring a skip and you do not need to pay extra money for permits, lights etc. You even get the rubbish loaded for you so you can sit and relax whilst watching the clear transformation take place"
By Marc Warr 19 Jun, 2016
Handyman WGC is on standby ready to come to your property and fit a new outside tap so you can complete them outdoor jobs like watering the grass in the garden to help keep it lovely and green or perhaps the garden flowers need watering to keep them looking healthy.

Outside taps can be a welcome addition to the garden especially for attaching the hose pipe ready to get cleaning the patio area and garden furniture ready for the summer BBQ party.

Plumbing is not everyone's speciality and many people would prefer to stay clear of any plumbing jobs and get an expert in, and that is where Handyman WGC can help you with fitting a outside water tap.


  1. Decide where the outside tap is going to be located.
  2. Where is the water supply going to be taken from? (The water supply would normally be taken from under the kitchen sink area)
  3. Decide what will be the best outside tap solution? (I.E - Should I buy an outside tap kit or get the plumbing put in correctly with solid pipework?)
  4. Think about limiting the exposure to the weather elements with freezing by making sure the tap pipework is exposed to the minimum amount of outside element to help prevent unnecessary freezing conditions. (You may want to consider changing the taps position to achieve this)
  5. Pipework will tap into an existing cold water supply to feed the outside tap.


There are several ways an outside tap can be plumbed in and really is personal preference.

Simple tap kits are available and normally consist of a self cutting in isolator valve with a piece of rubber hose and an outside tap to fit to the wall which are a pretty inexpensive kit to purchase from around £10.

The Pros
Tap kits are relatively easy to fit and are a cheap alternative to installing an outside tap.

The Cons
A tap kit is not always the best solution to use and could cause future problems with water leaks due to splits occurring in the rubber pipe which become weaker over a period of time.
The water pressure may be reduced due to the self cutting isolator valve tapping into an existing pipe and can also be problematic with leaking valves.

Plumbing in an outside tap with solid pipework is another option to consider which consists of using solid pipe like copper piping or plastic pipe material which offer high durability and reliability with the parts costing of around £25.

The Pros
Solid pipework for an outside tap is the better option for long term reliability because the pipe is stronger and the fittings allow better water flow to increase water pressure with less chance of future water leaks.

The Cons
Harder to fit and more labour intensive therefore installation costs will be a bit higher.

To have an outside tap installed behind the water supply on the exterior wall it would cost from £80

Contact Handyman WGC on the following contacts to arrange for a free quote
Mobile - 07877483599

Email - Handymanwgc@gmail.com

WEBSITE -  http://www.handymanwgc.uk/home

FACEBOOK -  https://www.facebook.com/handymanwgc

Why not have an outside tap installed at the front and back of your house so you can water the garden easier and also have a hose connected at the front of your house so you can wash the car easier?

Handyman WGC can also fix or repair existing outside taps and internal plumbing. we also undertake fixing and repairing water leaks and overflow ball valves which are often needed as an emergency plumbing service in Hertfordshire out of hours to prevent flooding.

Our Handyman WGC services are based in Welwyn Garden City serving the Hertfordshire area and local outskirts to Herts.

Don't delay and call us today for reliability, quality and friendly honest service with a smile.

By Marc Warr 16 Jun, 2016
If you answered yes to the above decking question asked then you have come to the right place.

Handyman WGC recently transformed this decking platform in a customers garden in Welwyn Garden City.
The Decking pictured above was looking old and tired before Handyman WGC revived the decking to totally transform the look giving a new finish to make the garden look like a nice area to sit back and relax in on a nice sunny day.

The previous wood stain was faded and a good percentage of the decking boards were covered in green algae and moss, therefore our handy service scrubbed and cleaned the decking wood to remove the algae and green moss before painting with anti slip decking stain and wood preserver.

The anti slip decking treatment not only improves the look but also makes the decking safer to walk on, especially in the wet after a dose of rain resulting in the common problem with decking where the boards get very slippery like ice and can be very dangerous.

For this decking project we used a quality branded staining paint  by Cuprinol in a boston teak colour which looks fabulous an took two tins of paint to complete the treatment giving two coats.

We purchased the Cuprinol anti slip decking paint from screwfix for its stability, hard wearing properties and long lasting weather protection to keep the garden area looking in tip top condition all year with added algicide to protect it from green algae and mould growth.
By Marc Warr 04 Jun, 2016
Hire a painter and decorator in Hertfordshire today by calling Handyman WGC to come and undertake your decorating tasks so you can achieve that modern and fresh look you have been dreaming about.

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in sprucing up a room and creating good vibes to be proud about which is a good step towards a happy mind and soul.

Get ready to hire one of the best painter decorator service in Welwyn Garden City for a hassle free decoration job!

Our customer come first and that is why Handyman WGC will help you towards fulfilling your design aspirations with a superior finish.

Most of our work comes from repeat customers and customer recommendations because our customers are happy and that makes us happy.

Some of our decorating specialist areas include using paint brushes and rollers to evenly coat emulsion paint onto the walls for a luxurious finish with nice fresh white ceilings to protect and maintain the internal and external appearance of your property.

Perhaps your into the natural wood look and need us to come and varnish the woodwork interior or exterior of the property.

We use good quality paints to suit your budget from leading brands like - Dulux, Crown, ICI and many other trade paint brands.

Never pick up a paintbrush again now you know Handyman WGC is your best local painting and decorating specialist in Hertfordshire to take care of every aspect of redecoration.

We will strip old wallpaper from the walls ready to create a feature wall with our wallpapering skills so you never have to indulge in stripping walls of existing paper again.

Paper hanging can be a daunting task for the DIY person especially if the walls are in a bad disrepair and require plaster work to smooth them off again. Handyman WGC completes minor plastering repairs and carpentry work.

Handyman WGC can supply paint if required and also can supply wallpaper as requested.

Be one of our lucky customers to leave a positive review about Handyman WGC for professionalism, reliability, trustworthiness and quality workmanship. 

Commercial and Domestic Decorating work undertaken for rental properties, private tenants, private landlords and commercial landlords.

Free Estimates

Welwyn Garden City
London Colney
St Albans
Hemel Hempstead
Watton At Stone
Harmer Green
Goff's oak
Potters Bar

We service many more areas than what is listed therefore if you location is not listed please do not panic, just call us to discuss your location and requirements for a free quotation.
By Marc Warr 17 May, 2016
We have good news......HANDYMAN WGC can help make your DIY disasters disappear and turn them into new fresh expectations.
A solution to your property maintenance services in Welwyn Garden City, were here to help with all your home improvement needs.

Check out some of our other blogs -

By Marc Warr 16 May, 2016

Life can be a busy and stressful time especially when it comes to getting odd jobs done around the house and garden especially if the job is larger than you feel comfortable in tackling.

Life just got easy with Handyman WGC who can help you tackle those jobs you are struggling to get done in and outside the home.

If you are fed up with looking at your garden furniture that needs some attention with sanding down and having a fresh coat of teak oil applied or you might like a chosen wood treatment and colour of your choice then call Handyman WGC for a free quote.

Don't leave your teak oil in the bag like this one!

Handyman WGC is based in the Welwyn Garden City area and serves Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Finding a handy man in Hertfordshire who can undertake a broad range of tasks is now an easy task, especially if you want to get the garden ready for summer for the BBQ parties.

Handyman WGC can help you clean the garden up and create that look of elegance starting with mowing the grass with our petrol lawnmower with the edges strimmed using our petrol strimmer for nice tidy edges.

We offer fencing services in Hertfordshire taking care of new fence installations or fence repairs whilst also offering the option to stain the existing garden fence panels to give them a new fresh look that goes nicely with the freshly cut lawn.

Remember not to forget we can paint and stain the garden shed or summer house to the colour of your personal choice.

Shed repairs are undertaken by Handyman WGC and we can also supply and fit a prefabricated shed or build a solid bespoke shed to fit your area from scratch.

Take advantage of our creativity with a fresh decking installation or build a new patio area in the garden area of choice.

Get The Barbecue Clean And Ready For Use!

Our handy man services for the garden also include cleaning the BBQ ready for the meaty feast and getting the fire pit ready to burn some nice seasoned logs to keep warm for that special summer atmosphere going all night long.

Use our services to clean the patio free from moss, weeds and stains or if you have decking in the garden we can clean and treat the wood with wood preserver and colour stain.

The shrubs could do with a trim and the hedge to do with a cut and the weeds need to be removed, this is no problem to Handyman WGC as we like pruning shrubs or shrub removal and we like to carry out hedge cutting after doing some weeding for the perfect garden.

Tree pruning is part of our garden services package.

Get ready to have all your new plants planted in that flower bed that has now been cleared ready to look spectacular

If you forget to water the plants regularly and your plants often die and shrivel up then it sounds like you need Handyman WGC to install a water sprinkler system to help keep your flowers watered and healthy.

Remove old leaves from the ground easily with our leaf blowing skills to put the leaves in a nice pile ready to dispose of in the recycling bin.

No need to feel tired any more with seeing that rubbish pile of old junk in the garden. With our registered waste carrier service that does not require any permits unlike a skip left on the roadside it can actually work out cheaper than hiring a skip in Hertfordshire. The added bonus with our waste rubbish removal is we do all the hard work loading the van so you can relax.

Handyman WGC can help you create a regular garden maintenance package to help keep on top of the gardening tasks all year round taking the stress out of your outdoor living just contact for a package quote.

We are probably the best handyman service in Hertfordshire for customer satisfaction.
By Marc Warr 12 May, 2016
I have finally decided to take the plunge and add a blog to my site, I always wanted an easy way to share information with visitors and I’m super excited to start this journey.

Keep coming back to my site and check for updates right here on the Handyman WGC blog.
Serving Welwyn Garden City, all of Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

"Feel free to message or call Handyman WGC for a free quote"
High Sleeper Bed Built From Flat Pack

About us title

Handyman WGC is a business based in Hertfordshire serving residents and commercial businesses with various services to help improve, maintain and enhance the visual look of properties and there surroundings.

We offer a friendly service with a smile and aim to make sure our customers are satisfied with the work completed by Handyman WGC.

Handyman WGC offers a range of services to help take away some of the daily chores to make your life easier.

We are multi skilled with the experience acquired over the years with performing jobs within the associated trades for a Hertfordshire handy man.

We will respect and treat your property as if it were our own for your peace of mind with our good old fashioned values.

We are equipped with our own tools to complete jobs.

We have a mobile phone number for you to contact us on which is for three reasons -
  1. Cheap and convenient for you to call
  2. We maybe on a job so will have the phone with us
  3. We are not sat in the office relaxing, we are actually working hard for our customers
If your wondering where can I find a handyman in Welwyn Garden City or Hertfordshire areas, you have come to the right place for a one stop service that is highly recommended by previous customers.


Our commercial handy man services in Welwyn Garden City offer a wide variety of services.

Private landlords can discuss their requirements with Handyman WGC for home repairs like paining and decorating, home improvements, gardening maintenance, clutter waste rubbish removal services, end of tenancy cleaning, old carpet removal, furniture removal and much more to freshen up a property ready for letting.

We clear houses, flats, mobile homes, garage areas, loft clearance, cellars, offices, commercial buildings and work units.

We offer a man with a van service from delivering a single item like a sofa to moving several items to the desired location.

Probate Services - End of life house clearance for deceased people takes some of the pressure away from grieving families with our fully registered waste carriers licence you can trust that we do things correctly and efficiently.

  • Car Paint
  • Aerosols/Spray paints
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint over 10 years old
  • Paint containing lead
  • Paint not in original container
  • Paint thinners
  • Paint stripper
  • Wood treatments (e.g. creosote)
  • Hazardous Paints
  • Contaminated Paint
  • Asbestos
  • Tyres
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Paint Tins
  • Batteries
  • Medical Waste
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Solvents
  • Oil
  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Explosives

  • Mattress - £50
  • Fridge Freezer (Under Counter) - £50
  • Fridge Freezer (Full Height) - £65

We recognise that many single parents, old age pensioners (OAPS), people working full time and disabled people struggle to keep up with jobs around the home due to physical difficulties or due to leading a very busy lifestyle. GOOD NEWS - we can help take some of this pressure away from your life so you can enjoy the modifications and home improvements Handyman WGC can offer. 

Single parents are often very busy looking after children and dealing with the daily chores like shopping, cleaning, washing, cooking etc which can sometimes put other tasks like gardening, excess rubbish removal, painting and decorating and repairs on the back burner. Handyman WGC can help you achieve these jobs easily.

If you find flat pack furniture like wardrobes, drawers, beds, cabinets and units a struggle to build, then Handy man WGC wants to help and assemble the flat pack furniture for you so you can relax and enjoy the finished project.

Pensioners maybe having trouble around the home with several little jobs that require assistance and need completing. If your struggling with bending down to remove weeds from the garden and planting new plants to getting a nicely mowed lawn to admire with a freshly trimmed bush, Handyman WGC can certainly assist with these tasks and more.

For people working full time away from home or long hours we can help with almost all of your chores from cleaning, home improvement, garden improvement services, general maintenance and so much more just contact Handyman WGC to discuss your requirements.
Believe it or not we can even help with dog walking.

Disabled people with physical difficulties may need some odd jobs around the house done like changing a light bulb, cleaning, mowing the grass for a healthy lawn, cutting the hedges, regular garden maintenance, extra support rails installing etc. Handyman WGC can help.

If you need electrical work done like a new plug on the hoover or a new light switch, pull cord, light fitting, socket or a heated towel rail fitting etc  Handyman WGC is just a call away.

Property maintenance and garden services in Welwyn Garden City and the surrounding areas in the Hertfordshire area does not need be an uphill struggle and hard work just thinking about where to start, all you need to do is call Handyman WGC for a free no obligation quote for your home improvement.

Areas Covered By Handyman WGC
Welwyn Garden City, Tewin, Harmer Green, Woolmer Green, Knebworth, Datchworth, Hatfield, Stevenage, Hertford, Ware, Hoddesdon, Harlow, St Albans, Harpenden, Buntingford, Hitchin, Luton, Hemel Hempstead, Baldock, Letchworth, Biggleswade, Sandy, Bedford, Royston, Potters Bar, Barnet, Enfield, North London, Hertfordshire, Herts, Bedfordshire, Beds and more.

If you dont see your location on the map contact us to see if we can attend your location with our expert help.

Registered Waste Carrier In Hertfordshire
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